Josh Decker is Chief Product Officer of Galaxy Labs - a venture studio dedicated to healing people and systems. Josh leverages his expertise in design thinking, user research, and experience design, to take bold ideas and bring them to life.

Throughout his career, Josh has focused on accelerating wellbeing, community, and human potential both in real life and through tech. Just before Galaxy, Josh founded an adventure travel company focused on helping clients discover their physical and mental potential in a supportive community. Josh started his career in the San Francisco Bay Area with a degree in Psychology and an emphasis on non-verbal behavior. He made his way to the NYC tech scene as an experienced design educator at General Assembly before working at Meetup, Foursquare, and a few design agencies. He is always asking questions to more deeply understand how to have a more meaningful impact.

Looking to the future, Josh is putting attention to community, psychedelics, and utilizing the power of web3 for good. He loves talking about these things over iced lattes or sunny walks.