There are two ways providesupport —Grants andFellowships

Galaxy Gives leads the philanthropic efforts of the Novogratz Family. This includes the Novogratz family’s personal giving, political giving, impact investments, donor advised fund, and the Three Dogs Foundation.

Galaxy Gives Grant

Galaxy Gives accepts applications from organizations that meet our grantee criteria. Click below to learn more about our criteria and process.

Novogratz Art’s Fellowship

$100,000 to outstanding emerging artists to work fulltime on an artistic project of their own choosing. Established for the purpose of providing unrestricted support to early-career artists pushing the boundaries of their craft.

Galaxy Gives Grant

Our grants all begin with meaningful conversations around impact. We award grants to various types of businesses (see below for eligibility) who have a vision of change and a path to get there. We know we are up against big, complex, highly charged issues - we've got your back.

Please check out our process for more and review our previous grantees for an understanding of our work.

Legal Status

Galaxy Gives supports 501c3, 501c4, and for-profit social enterprises and media.


Except through our Novogratz Art’s Fellowship we do not support individuals.


Galaxy Gives does not have a specific geographic focus

Mission Fit

We look for organization that fit within our strategy and focus areas

Grant Application Process

Let’s Talk

A. We have an open door policy which means that we will always talk to you if asked. This is both because we value your insight/work and think learning about the full scope of work in the field sharpens our analysis.

B. Taking a meeting with you does NOT mean you are in consideration for funding.

Send More Info

A. Usually after an introductory phone call we will A) tell you your work does not fit a priority area (see here for priorities) or B) ask to send more info.

B. If asked to send more info please do not create any new materials at this stage as you are not yet under consideration for a grant. We review preliminary materials prior to deciding whether to invite you to apply.

C. Once we have received info we will review and also ask you to fill about basic applicant info here.

Submit an Application

A. You are not officially under consideration for a grant until we officially ask you to submit a grant application. This request will come directly and clearly from a Galaxy Gives staff member by email.

B. We do not have a standard application form - we do have guiding questions (See here).

C. We write our own grant recommendations and will likely follow up to ask additional questions.


A. Staff will investigate a potential grant, along with advisors, focusing on the questions outlined above. This can involve several calls/meetings with the potential grantee, an in person meeting or site visit, and due diligence calls with references for the grantee and related organizations.

B. You can see our application scoring criteria here -- to be clear this is just one of several factors in our final decision process.

C. After reviewing the application a recommendation will be made to the Galaxy Gives Board of Directors who may request additional clarification.


A. We have a rolling grant making process and will try to notify you of the acceptance or denial of your application within a 2-3 month window. Often we will be able to notify much sooner.

B. If you do not receive funding we are always open to speaking on the phone and providing feedback about why and how to improve your application next time.

Agreement & Tranfer of Funds

A. After notification Galaxy Staff will draw up a grant agreement based on this template for C3 and this template for C4.

B. After signature of a grant agreement and receipt of appropriate banking information (see here)  funds will be wired within 30 days.

We will not reconsider a grant application until the following calendar year. If you are interested in applying please wait until either a Galaxy Gives staff person reaches back out or until November/December or the current calendar year.


You can see our Interim Report and Annual Report documents here.

Apply FOr Grant

The Novogratz Arts Fellowship

Fellowship Overview

​The Three Dogs Foundation will annually award between one (1) and (5) fellowships, each to be of a set amount of $100,000 to outstanding emerging artists to work fulltime on an artistic project of their own choosing. Each Novogratz Arts Fellowship is 12 months in duration and may begin on a rolling basis during the grant year. The fellowship was established for the purpose of providing unrestricted support to early-career artists pushing the boundaries of their craft. The Foundation believes that the arts are critically important to our communities and at the heart of the arts is the individual artist. This award frees artists to be artists by providing them with the financial security to take risks and to make great work.


Our definition of the arts is broad, including: music, theater, painting, photography, and more - if you consider yourself an artist so do we. Applicants need only have demonstrated a capacity to produce outstanding works of art.

The application criteria do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, or any other protected class, and applicant eligibility includes citizens, nationals, and permanent residents of the United States, as well as individuals granted deferred action status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program.

The program does not fund enrollment for degree or non-degree study at academic institutions, including dissertation research. Also, Fellows cannot be full-time students during their fellowships. Program funds also may not be used for lobbying, influence of legislation, or political activities.

Selection Criteria

There will be two stages to the application and selection process. First, all applicants will submit a proposal and resume or bio. From the pool of full proposals, a group of finalists will be selected, who will be invited to interview with a selection committee. From the pool of finalists, between one (1) and five (5) individuals will be selected to receive fellowships. The applicants, as well as the finalists and final recipients, will be reviewed and selected by a selection committee.

Applicants are selected based on their artistic vision and voice presented within their application, as well as in the second round interview.

Criteria will include:

  1. Artistic Excellence and Future Potential: Do the work samples exemplify strong technical ability and understanding of medium? Do its artistic qualities help to achieve its intended goal?
  2. Innovation: Does the proposed project challenge the status quo by breaking away from established practices? Is it unique? Is it disruptive?
  3. Diversity: Does the applicant demonstrate a potential to bring new perspectives to the Novogratz Arts Fellowship and the wider community through art?
  4. Impact: How does the applicant demonstrate the potential impact of the fellowship experience on their career? Does the work demonstrate an interest in developing meaningful relationships within the community?

Application Instructions

Please submit the below application by 9/1/20 to be consider for the 2020 Novogratz Arts Fellowship. To submit your application and for questions on the application please email

Apply FOr Fellowship