Our application process includes several steps to assess whether an applicant is a good fit with our pillars of giving and priorities. The first step is to submit an Organizational Form and Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

Second, after reviewing your LOI, we will notify you if your work is a good fit or not. Third, you are not officially under consideration for a grant until we ask you to submit a grant application, which will come directly from staff via email. Fourth, once an application is submitted, we will make a decision within 30 to 45 days. 
FUNDING Approach
The philanthropic sector often privileges charity and incrementalism over bold interventions to help movements, organizations, and leaders achieve lasting, transformative goals.

We believe the role of philanthropy should be to A) test and de-risk effective approaches and policies for solving problems which can be adopted by the public sector (i.e. piloting alternative approaches that do not rely on incarceration for people who have committed violence and serious crimes) and B) invest in advocacy, public education, and organizing that moves the overton window for the politics that will make those effective approaches and policies the norm.

This means we believe philanthropy should not be adopting roles that public sector should be filling — financing the basic social services and safety net for our communities. Philanthropy neither has the resources nor is particularly good at filling this void and instead should fund the things the public and private sector cannot or aren’t incentivized to do. Sometimes this means philanthropy should be the risk capital for government, building the case for what is possible, and other times it means philanthropy should be the accountability mechanism for government, building the public and political will to enact challenging and important policy changes. 
Funding Qualifications
Currently, Galaxy Gives is primarily engaged in direct grantmaking focused on transforming our justice system. Grants are approved based on some or all of the following criteria:
The work focuses on building power (i.e. the ability to influence a policy agenda that transforms our criminal legal system) in and for communities impacted by mass incarceration. We place a premium on grassroots organizing. 
Our geographic priorities are currently the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, New York, and California.
The work is focused on alternatives to public safety that do not rely on policing or incarceration. 
The work’s approach centers on the healing of people targeted and harmed by mass incarceration and criminalization. 
The work is culturally anchored and reflective in its proposed projects of a deep understanding of racial justice and the political realities of mass incarceration. 
The work addresses an important gap in the field related to Galaxy Gives’ mission. 
The work is led by folks who take an ecosystem approach who understand the ways their work intersect and partner with others to advance change. 
The work is being led by directly impacted leaders who have been historically excluded from funding streams.


If you need further inquiries about our organization or how to access funding, please ensure you have read our funding qualifications first before getting in touch.