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Galaxy Gives leads the philanthropic efforts of the Novogratz Family. We invest in non-profits, mission driven companies, and media to take down barriers created by structural poverty, oppression, and racism and to maximize opportunity and human flourishing for all.

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Our gRantees | By the numbers
Our gRantees | By the numbers
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Above all else we invest in leaders we believe in. This is the number one factor in our funding decisions. When we find leaders we believe in we invest in them for the long-term with unrestricted multi-year funding and support.

Systemic change

We don't believe philanthropy can or should replace the role of government in providing social services and a strong social safety net, therefore, we only invest in projects driving towards systemic change.

Give Early, Give Big

We focus on sectors or specific causes that have received relatively little attention from the public, institutional funders, and non-profits. We seek to invest early and big on young causes and leaders with high potential.

Be Flexible

We believe in using all of the tools in our toolbox which means we make 501c3, 501c4, hard money, impact, and in-kind investments.

Build Power

​Galaxy supports organizations that are led and staffed by underrepresented groups and/or are building power among underrepresented groups.

Build coalitions

To maximize impact we seek to build cross sector momentum around issue areas. As a result, Galaxy typically grants matching grants or co-funds with several funders through aligned giving.
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We support organizations that make a difference.

We just add fuel to the fire. The organizations we support speak for themselves. They make measurable and meaningful differences in the lives of the communities they serve. Big or small, we help amazing people do more.

Voices of the Experienced —
Cohosted the first presidential forum hosted by formerly incarcerated people. For millions of formerly incarcerated people, it’s a right that could matter immensely.
Women on the Rise —
Three-quarters of people in jails have not been convicted of a crime and are simply awaiting trial. These women won a campaign to close the Atlanta jail eliminating over 1,000 jailbeds.
Freedom should be free —
Successfully bailed out over 10,000 defendants who couldn’t afford bail.
Worth Rises Facilitating Free Calls —
Successfully made all phone calls free in NYC and San Francisco jails and introduced free phone call bills in CT, MA, and NYS.
Restoring Voting Rights —
Forward Justice launched litigation to restore voting rights to 70,000 North Carolinian's impacted by the criminal legal system.
How We give

We give grants! –Does your organizationqualify?

Most grants awarded by Galaxy Gives result from conversations with our principals, the Novogratz family, and staff. We do accept letters of inquiry through our ideas form and have specific Open Opportunities below.

Galaxy Gives Grant

Galaxy Gives accepts applications from organizations that meet our grantee criteria. Click below to learn more about our criteria and process.

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Novogratz Arts Fellowship

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Real Mission, Real People

​Galaxy Gives invests in non-profits, mission driven companies, and media to take down barriers created by structural poverty, oppression, and racism and to maximize opportunity and human flourishing for all.

Founder & Co-Chair

Michael E. Novogratz is the Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, a NYC-based multi-strategy investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology...

Founder & Co-Chair

Sukey Novogratz is an author, philanthropist, and devoted supporter of the visual and performing arts, music education, international development, and research...


Prior to joining Galaxy, Xander was a serial entrepreneur focused on consumer social productivity technology in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was a founding team at both...


Billy Watterson is Director of Galaxy Gives, the Novogratz Family Philanthropy. Prior to joining Galaxy Gives, Billy was Program Director for the Rhode Island Office of Innov...

Program Officer
Alelur "Alex"

Alelur “Alex” Duran is a Program Officer overseeing Galaxy Gives’ Criminal Justice Reform Portfolio. He previously served as a Program Specialist with ...

Learning & IMpact Officer

Haena Park is the Learning and Impact Officer at Galaxy Gives. She leads the organization’s effort to build and innovate in the areas of impact measurement...