Asia Johnson


Asia Johnson is a writer, storyteller, and filmmaker who has worked with several organizations in the criminal justice reform space to change punitive institutions, including The Bail Project, cut50, Shakespeare in Prison, Prison Creative Arts Program, Hamtramck Free School, and the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative.

Asia is a 2019 Right of Return Fellow, 2019 Room Project Fellow, 2021 Brennan Center for Justice Fellow, 2022 Art for Justice grantee, and a 2022 Highland Leader.

Her chapbook, An Exorcism, was released in 2018 and her directorial debut, Out of Place, was released in 2022. Asia studied at University of Michigan-Dearborn. When Asia isn’t helping to uplift the stories of those impacted by the criminal legal system and making her dream of a world without cages come true, she writes poetry.