Maria Mari-Narváez

Kilómetro Cero
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Maria Mari Narváez, a journalist, writer, and human rights activist, is the founder and executive director of Kilómetro Cero, which develops projects that promote citizen power in the areas of state violence, repression of dissent, and a human rights-based public safety.

Mari-Narváez grew up in a household of activists and amidst political turmoil, witnessing state violence against anti-colonial dissidents, including against her own family. Since 2016, she has held a certification as Oversight Practitioner from the National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE). She was a fellow at the Annenberg Innovation Lab of the University of Southern California and a Soros Justice Fellow at the Open Society Foundations.

Mari-Narváez has a master’s degree in investigative journalism and Latin American studies from Florida International University, and has also completed doctoral courses in history and gender studies. She is also a writer and columnist in various media in Puerto Rico and has co-authored four books on criminal justice, politics, and activism.