Nicole Pittman and Seth Stewart

Just Beginnings Collaborative
Oakland, California & Los Angeles, California

Nicole Pittman is the executive director of Just Beginnings Collaborative (JBC), which works to uncover the root causes of child sexual abuse, resource effective prevention strategies, and advocates against juvenile sex offender registries. Before joining JBC in 2020, Nicole served as vice president and director of the Center on Youth Registration Reform at Impact Justice.

Before that, she worked as a juvenile justice policy analyst attorney at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. She was also an attorney at the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana and a New Orleans public defender. She received a law degree from Tulane Law School and a bachelor’s degree from Duke University. Her 2013 Human Rights Watch report, “Raised on the Registry: The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the US,” draws on over 500 interviews documenting the social and emotional toll of subjecting children to this practice. Seth Stewart joined Just Beginnings Collaborative in 2020 while completing their master’s in counseling psychology.

Their prior education in philosophy, politics, and the arts informs their stance to always try to recognize a person as they are and in context. Stewart’s prior work and scholarship relates to emotions and language, identity development, and labor as a distinctly human and world-making activity.