Richie Reseda

Question Culture
Los Angeles, California

Richie Reseda is a cultural organizer, social entrepreneur, creative director, and music, film, and content producer who was freed from prison in 2018. He co-created and co-hosts the Spotify podcast Abolition X. Reseda produced songs on Defund The Sheriff (The Album) to uplift transformative ballot initiatives in Los Angeles during the 2020 election.

During his seven years in prison, Reseda started the independent, abolitionist media collective Question Culture, and released his first EP, Forgotten But Not Gone. He also launched Success Stories, the feminist program for incarcerated men chronicled in the CNN documentary “The Feminist on Cell Block Y,” and Initiate Justice, which organizes people directly impacted by incarceration to change criminal justice laws. One of the laws he worked on, Prop 57, freed him from prison two years early.