Thousands of people who were released from prison due to the pandemic are now thriving with their families. But if Biden doesn’t act now, they will be cruelly sent back.

Jeanne Rae Green was given home confinement in July 2020 because of the CARES Act, seven years into a 12-year sentence on drug charges. Now, a year later, Jeanne Rae is living with her cousin in Texas, working as an essential worker at a food mart, and has begun to rebuild her life. She has rebuilt her relationships with her children, siblings, and family and has become an active mother and grandmother in her children and grandchildren’s lives — potentially stopping generational harm in its tracks.

4,000 people who, like Jeanne, have been freed from incarceration are currently home with their families and with the people they love, making meaningful contributions to their communities, and are about to be sent back to prison because of a lack of political will to do the thing that is urgent, that is right, and that is just.

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